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Nathan E. Crain

Occupation: President
Employer: ShopOnline
Home: Dallas, TX
Nathan Crain is the president of ShopOnline and Internet marketing company that serves as an online mall of small specialty stores. Crain also chairs the Dallas Country Republican Party. GOP Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn appointed Crain in 2000 to the E-Commerce Advisory Group of her grandiose e-Texas proposal that was supposed to save tax money by expanding the government’s Internet services. The program was panned after the media discovered that Strayhorn solicited $50,000 contributions to fund e-Texas from technology companies that were likely to bid for e-Texas technology contracts. After Comptroller aide John Colyandro resigned as the fall guy in this scandal, he became director of Tom DeLay’s Texans for a Republican Majority (TRM), the treasurer of which was Pioneer Bill Ceverha. A federal grand jury in Austin is investigating complaints that TRM illegally spent $500,000 in corporate funds to help elect a 2002 GOP majority in the Texas House. That majority made Pioneer Tom Craddick House Speaker and laid the groundwork for DeLay’s congressional redistricting plans. During a hostile public hearing on these redistricting plans in Dallas in 2003, liberal state Representative Lon Burnham asked Crain to name one Repubican president since Lincoln who has done anything for minorities. Crain prompted catcalls when he responded, “George Bush.” Crain and his wife, attorney Christina Melton Crain, have contributed more than $133,000 since 1996 to the campaigns of Rick Perry, the Texas Lieutnenat Governor who became Governor after Bush’s 2000 presidential election. As Lieutnenat Governor, Perry appointed Christina Crain as his representative on the Texas Supreme Court Rules Advisory Committee. As Governor, Perry appointed her chair of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice. Nathan Crain was a member of Perry’s Century Council, an elite group of 100 donors who pledged to contribute a total of $10 million to his 2002 campaign.
2000 cycle; Minor League Pioneer
2000 cycle; Major League Pioneer
2004 cycle; Major League Pioneer
2004 cycle; Ranger

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  Profile last updated Jan 11, 2004