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Report Tracks "Courtroom Contributions" to Supreme Court Candidates
Oct 7, 2008-A new study finds that the six current, major-party candidates for the Texas Supreme Court took two-thirds of the $2.3 million that they raised from January 2007 through June 2008 from lawyers and litigants who have had business before that court since 2005.

Special Interests Spend 15% More On Austin's Oldest Profession
Sep 10, 2008-Special interests spent up to $348 million on Texas state lobby contracts in 2007, doubling what they spent ten years earlier and increasing spending 15 percent over the preceding legislative year of 2005. The corporate takeover of TXU challenged top spender AT&T for the lobby title.

Supreme Spending: Political Expenditures by Texas' High-Court Justices March 12, 2008
A new study of political expenditures by the nine members of the Texas Supreme Court finds troubling evidence that justices are misusing political funds.

Capitol Spending: Office-holder Expenditures in 2007 January 17, 2008
TPJ Analyzes the $9.5 Million State Politicians Spent During the Campaign Off-season in 2007

Texas PACs: 2006 Election Cycle Spending October 25, 2007
Texas PACs Spent a Record $99 million in the 2006 Elections

Who Bankrolls Your Legislators? Money In Politex 2006 September 27, 2007
TPJ Analyzes the $158 Million Raised in the 2006 Election Cycle

Making Connections: State Officials and Their Special-Interest Travel Agents April 24, 2007
New Report Analyzes Travel Gifts to Texas Officials

Keeping Texas Weird 2006 September 25, 2006
TPJ Analyzes the $43 Million Dollars Bankrolling the 2006 Gubernatorial Race
Update: 30 Days Before the Election October 11, 2006

Billable Ours  October 5, 2006
Texas Endures Another Attorney-Financed Supreme Court Race

"Austin's Oldest Profession" Hits $304 Million  August 10, 2006
Texas Lobby Spending Increases 10 Percent in 2005

Money in PoliTex 2004   November 30, 2006
A Guide to Money in the 2004 Legislative Elections

'K Street' Effect Hits Texas  July 18, 2006
DeLay Infects Texas with Pay-to-Play Lobby Fundraising

Ain't Nobody's Business  June 20, 2006
Texas Lawmakers Flunk Big-Donor Disclosure

Continual Perks Slow Texas Courts   May 15, 2006
How 32 Lawmakers Claimed 431 Court Delays in Two Years

Special Sessions for Special Interests  April 19, 2006
Texas Lobbyists Billed Up To $9.3 Million in Overtime in 2005

Governor Perry's Patronage  April 10, 2006
Appointees to state office donated $3.8 million to Perry's campaign

Texas PACs '04  September 13, 2005
Details 2004 Election Cycle PAC Spending--Ranks the top 100 PACs in the past five election cycles

Texas PACs  November 15, 2004
2002 Election Cycle PAC Spending

Austin's Oldest Profession, 2004 Edition  August 4, 2004
Texas Top Lobby Clients & Those Who Service Them

Incumbent Texas Lawmakers Hoard $21 Million In War Chests   February 9, 2004
New campaign finance laws require candidates to disclose their cash on hand.

The Bush Pioneer -- Ranger Network   Ongoing Investigation
Profiles of the Bush Pioneers and Rangers

Money in PoliTex   November 2003
A Guide to Money in the 2002 Texas Elections

Lowering the Bar   May 2003
Lawyers Keep Texas Appeals Judges on Retainer

The Morning After   October 2002
Last-Minute Contributions In Texas’ 2002 Primary Elections

Luddite PACs & Candidates   October 2002
Texas Political Funds that Dodge the Internet

Tony Sanchez’s War Chest   October 2002
Who Gives To A $600 Million Man?

Governor Perry’s War Chest   October 2002
Who Said 'Yes' To 'Governor No'?

Vote of No Confidence   August 2002
The 2002 Supreme Court Election

Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen   July 2002
A Summary Of Owen's Judicial Career & Opinions

Austin’s Oldest Profession   July 2002
Texas’ Top Lobby Clients and Those Who Service Them

Cornyn's Corporate Sponsors   January 2002

Texans for Lawsuit Reform   November 2001
How the Texas Tort Tycoons Spent Millions in the 2000 Elections

Texas PACs   October 2001
2000 Election Cycle

Luddite Lawmakers & Other Officials   May 2001
Politicians Who Dodged Electronic Donor Disclosure By Claiming They Don't Track Donors With Computers

Campaign Reform Heroes & Zeros:   May 2001
How Members of the Texas House Voted on Campaign Reform

Pay to Play   April 2001
How Big Money Buys Access to the Texas Supreme Court

Texas Supreme Court Clerk Perks:   January 2001
Big Bucks Batter An Ethical 'Wall'

Governor Bush’s Well-Appointed Texas Officials   October 2000

State of the Lone Star State   September 2000
How Life in Texas Measures Up

Checks & Imbalances   April 2000
How Texas Supreme Court Justices Raised $11 Million

The Governor's Gusher   January 2000
The Sources of George W. Bush's $41 Million Texas War Chest

Toxic Exposure
How Texas Chemical Council Members Pollute State Politics and the Environment

Texas PACs   June 1999
1998 Election Cycle Spending

Austin's Oldest Profession
Texas' Top Lobby Clients and Those Who Service Them

Mini-report: Candidates Raised $115 Million in 1998 State Elections

The Gated Community   April 1999
How Texas Incumbents Locked Out Challengers in 1998

Texas Revolvers   February 1999
Public Officials Recast As Hired Guns

Texas PACs   October 1998
A Roundup of the Special Interests Driving Texas' Political Action Committees

Dirty Air, Dirty Money   June 1998
Grandfathered Pollution Pays Dividends Downwind in Austin

Payola Justice   February 1998
How Texas Supreme Court Justices Raise Money from Court Litigants

Mortgaged House
Campaign Contributions to Texas Representatives 1995-96

Tort Dodgers
Business Money Tips Scales of Justice

Smoke in the Mirror
How Texas House Members Voted On Tobacco-Control Legislation